Tableau Training Course

Tableau Training Course

Course Chapters and Descriptions

  1. What is Tableau? 
  2. Introduction to Data sources
  3. Connecting to Data 
  4. Understanding the Tableau Workspace
  5. Dimensions and Measures
  6. Using Show Me
  7. Tour of Shelves
  8. Building Basic Views
  1. Overview of connection Options
  2. Types of Joins
  3. Joining Multiple Tables
  4. What is Data Blending?
  5. Types of Data Blending
  6. Data Extracts
  7. Custom SQL
  8. Publishing and Re-using Data Connections
  9. Understand how to deal with data changes in your data source such as Field adding, deleting or Name change
  10. Working with multiple connections in the same workbook

  1. Creating Views
  2. Marks
  3. Size and Transparency
  4. Highlighting
  5. Working with Dates
  6. Discrete versus Continuous
  7. Dual Axis
  8. Geographic Map
  9. Heat Map
  10. Scatter Plots
  11. Pie Charts and Bar Charts
  12. Sorting and Grouping
  13. Aliases
  14. Filtering
  15. Total and Subtotals
  16. Drilling and Drill Through
  17. Aggregation and Disaggregation
  18. Tableau Extensions
  1. A Quick Review of Basic Calculations
  2. Arithmetic Calculations
  3. String Calculations
  4. Date and Time Calculations
  5. Booleans Calculations
  6. Logic and Conditional Calculations
  7. Custom Calculated Fields
  8. Advanced Table Calculations
  1. Options in Formatting your Visualization
  2. Working with Labels and Annotations
  3. Effective use of Titles and Captions
  4. Introduction to Visualizations Best Practices

Combining Multiple Visualizations into a Dashboard

  1. Publish to PDF
  2. Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web

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